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Question 1

What is Parsol 1789 also known as?

Zinc Oxide
Titanium Dioxide

Question 2

What does SPF stand for?

Sunburn Product Findings
Sunscreen Pricing Facts
Sun Protection Factor
Suntan Product Film

Question 3

What does Broad Spectrum mean?

Absorbs only burning rays
Absorbs all sun rays
Absorbs no sun rays
Only refects damaging rays

Question 4

How much sunscreen should be used per application?

The whole bottle
Just a dab here & there
The size of a quarter in the palm of hand
One ounce (about a shotglass full)

Question 5

True or False: If I wear a sunscreen with SPF 50, I can stay in the sun all day without getting a sunburn.


Question 6

Which sun rays can cause cancer?

Only UVA rays
Only UVB rays
Both UVA & UVB rays
None of the above
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