Photograph surfers in big waves to get the best action shots.

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How can I be sure to get a good surf shot?

Photograph surfers in big waves to get the best action shots.

One way to preserve your memories of beach fun is to take photographs. To improve your chances of getting great shots of surfers, for example, focus and shoot surfers on waves that are larger than three feet. Small waves mean the action has to be really moving, so wait for conditions that feature big, clean surf and calm winds.



6/29/2006 1:59:30 AM
Catzy Karatina said:

Or, get into the action safely by wave-catching. There's no real point to it, but it's really fun gives you a good workout while also giving you a great lesson on waves and such. All you do is walk out into the water until the water is at least chest-deep, for all who are participating, unless you're just supervising. This requires utmost adult supervision up to the age of maybe 14. All you have to do, is when a wave comes, jump, and if you "catch" it just right, the wave will catch you and pick you up. It feels cool, like you're floating. It's simple, but fun and rewarding. You learn better timing, and a lot about the nature of waves. It also teaches children that the ocean doesn't have to be dangerous, but still gives them a warning of what could happen, hence the adult supervision, in case it does. Just don't go out during high tide, I did last spring break with my boyfriend and we both got our tails handed to us by those waves. During high tide they curve, and that curve has A LOT of undertow to it.


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