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How can I help my family keep track of their drinks?

Choose beach tumblers in a range of colors or patterns.

Bringing different colored or otherwise unique drinkware with you to the beach will help members of your group keep track of their drinks. Many fun colors and themes are available, so choose the tumblers that suit your family's tastes and personality best.

What material should I look for when choosing beach tumblers?

Choose polycarbonate drinkware for its durability.

The most basic beach drinkware is made from simple plastic. Such plastic is usually prone to drying out and cracking, or to becoming soft and flimsy in the sun. Old-fashioned plastic also tends to smell and taste like plastic and will affect the flavor of your beverage. Longer-lasting acrylic glasses have less of a plastic smell and taste to them, but can break if dropped on a very hard surface, or if crushed under something heavy. Acrylic is also prone to scratching, so it might not be the best material to take to a sandy beach, since sand is so abrasive. The newest and longest-lasting technology is polycarbonate – the same material used to make airplane windows. Polycarbonate is very strong, virtually unbreakable, has no plastic-y smell or taste, and is less susceptible to scratching. All of these features make it ideal for beach drinkware. Tervis Tumblers are made from polycarbonate.

What is the best kind of drinkwear for a beach trip?

Bring unbreakable tumblers for beverages to the beach.

Enjoying beverages at the beach, the pool, or a boat - or anyplace out of doors or near water – is easier and safer if you have appropriate drinkware. Beach drinkware should be lightweight so that it easy to carry to and from the beach, and it should be unbreakable since items in transit tend to get jostled. While some beverages come in ready-to-use packaging, such as screw-top sodas, juices, and water, there are occasions that you might want to split a beverage, or decant a beverage (such as lemonade) out of a pitcher. Sometimes, it's just more fun to drink out of a “glass” – or, for the beach, a plastic or acrylic tumbler. Tervis Tumblers come in many summery colors, are unbreakable and do not sweat.

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