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What tools do I need to make better sandcastles?

Create a kit of tools to help you create sandcastles that have real detail and character.

What more classic beach fun is there than building a sandcastle? Fun for young an old alike, sandcastle construction can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. If you're ready to try something a little more creative than upturning a sand-filled bucket, try adding these tools to your beach bag. A ruler will help you make straight lines, and a straw will enable you to blow away unwanted sand in delicate areas. Various cake decorating tools can be used to help you perfect tricky details, and a trowel - yes, the kind builders use - for big jobs. Use a dull-edged knife or spatula for precise cuts, and try a melon baller for making round-shaped cuts.

What game can we play with little or no equipment?

Engage kids in a game of 'tag' for simple beach fun.

Have you ever been relaxing on the beach only to have the kids tell you that they were bored? Even if you've brought nothing but your towels, sunblock and water, banishing children's boredom is easy. Tag games are always a popular way to entertain children. Chances are that others will join in once they see how much fun you're having. The beach is a great place to play tag since the sand is soft to land on if the game becomes especially spirited. To make it a real game rather than just a chase, mark out a clear area, marking the boundary - even if this is just a line drawn in the sand. Be sure to remove stick, shells, litter and rocks from the play area for safety, and establish a couple of safe areas so the game is fair. Try the Australian version of tag on the games Kids Play site.

What is beach basketball?

Try out beach basketball for hours of beach fun and exercise.

Many traditional ball games can be easily adapted to hours of family beach fun. One such game is beach basketball, a version of the ever-popular court game. In beach basketball, there are fewer players, and teams attempts to make their baskets in a central hoop. See the links on Beach Basketball to learn more.

How can I be sure to get a good surf shot?

Photograph surfers in big waves to get the best action shots.

One way to preserve your memories of beach fun is to take photographs. To improve your chances of getting great shots of surfers, for example, focus and shoot surfers on waves that are larger than three feet. Small waves mean the action has to be really moving, so wait for conditions that feature big, clean surf and calm winds.

How do I stop my car from filling up with sand?

Don't bring the whole beach home with you.

To minimize the amount of sand that you get in your car or track through your house after a day of beach fun, first use the end of a towel to brush sand off of children's feet - and your own. If there are shower or rinse facilities at the beach, wash excess sand off there. If not, consider using a hose before going indoors at home. Alternatively, you could keep a bottle of water in the boot/trunk of your car specifically for rinsing off sandy feet. If none of these options are available (or appeal), and the sand still bothers you, it's worth walking around for a few minutes to help the sand dry and become easier to brush off.

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