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How can I create a beach themed centerpiece?

Bring Home the Beach Candlescape

Love the beach but live nowhere near it? Why not create your own candlescape to help capture the charm of the sea? Start by finding a large clear glass vase. Several smaller ones also work well, as do mason jars. Add sand from your favorite beach location. (If this is not available, fine sand from a craft store also works.) Insert one or more white candles snugly in the sand within the jar. Add a few seashells as decoration around the base of the candle. This design is perfect for a table centerpiece, wedding centerpiece, or any other place you wish to bring home the beach! (For an added touch, consider including small tokens from a trip to your favorite beach locale. Just be extra careful when burning the candle!)

What are some cheap and easy foods to bring to the beach?

Beach Foods on the Cheap

A glance at food prices quickly reveals that, pound for pound, snack foods are the most expensive items in the grocery store. So, what do you do if you want some fun and easy snacks to take to the beach, but you don't have a lot of money to spend? Make your own!

Start with cheap, refillable containers and pack them with bulk items like peanuts, candies or dried fruit. Grapes, cherries or carrot sticks are good choices, too. Pop your own popcorn for a cheap and tasty alternative to potato chips. Finish your picnic with homemade cookies and water in refillable water containers, and you will have everything you need for a fun and delicious snack without having spent a small fortune.

How can I even out unnessesary tan lines from the bikini straps over the shoulder area and back?

Even Out Bikini Strap Lines

The best way to eliminate bikini strap lines is to purchase two or three bikinis in different strap styles. Purchase a bikini that has over the shoulder straps, and purchase a bikini with a halter top that ties at the base of the neck. You should alternate wearing different bikinis each day so that each area of your skin is exposed. Be sure to wear sunscreen, however!

Is there any way iIcan treat my sunburnt hair?

Treating Sun Damaged Hair

The best treatment for sun damaged hair is prevention. Before you spend a day in the sun, be sure you've stocked your beach bag with a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen for your hair. If you don't have any sunscreen that is made for your hair, skin sunscreen will work in a pinch. Always rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after swimming or spending time on the beach. As to how to treat your damaged hair, be sure you deep condition it, and continue to use conditioner every day.

How can I keep track of smaller items in a big beach bag?

Look for a beach bag with pockets if you need the bag to multi-task.

Many beach bags are essentially cloth buckets with handles, and those are fantastic if you are carrying bulky items with you. However, small items such as wallets, lip balms, watches and cameras can get lost among the other items. If you like to carry such items in your beach bag, look for a tote with smaller inside pockets where you can keep track of them.

Should my beach bag have a zipper?

Choose a tote bag with a zipper to keep valuables out of sight or to contain toys.

Many tote bags have open or snap-tops. These have their purpose, but you will want a bag that zips if you will be bringing any valuables to the beach, or if you want to safeguard the contents of your bag against sand, water, or curious gulls. A zippered tote bag is also useful as a travel bag for car, boat or airplane trips on which bags might get jostled around. In contrast, an open-topped tote bag is useful for transporting bulky beach towels or sand toys that people need to access quickly and easily.

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