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How can I even out unnessesary tan lines from the bikini straps over the shoulder area and back?

Even Out Bikini Strap Lines

The best way to eliminate bikini strap lines is to purchase two or three bikinis in different strap styles. Purchase a bikini that has over the shoulder straps, and purchase a bikini with a halter top that ties at the base of the neck. You should alternate wearing different bikinis each day so that each area of your skin is exposed. Be sure to wear sunscreen, however!

Is there any way iIcan treat my sunburnt hair?

Treating Sun Damaged Hair

The best treatment for sun damaged hair is prevention. Before you spend a day in the sun, be sure you've stocked your beach bag with a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen for your hair. If you don't have any sunscreen that is made for your hair, skin sunscreen will work in a pinch. Always rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after swimming or spending time on the beach. As to how to treat your damaged hair, be sure you deep condition it, and continue to use conditioner every day.

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