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Are there nature books specific to my hobbies?

Consult specific guides when you are deciding where you want to go.

Nature books geared toward specific hobbies, such as fishing or bird watching, can help you find beach destinations that will give you opportunities to spend time on your hobby. Fishing guides, for example, will tell you what fish frequent certain areas and when the best times to fish are. Often, bird watchers like to keep track of and check off which birds they see and where, so bringing along a bird book can act as a diary of your bird watching experience.

What do nature books have to offer?

Bring some nature books along to help you learn about the beach and its surrounding area.

Part of any beach's beauty – or the beauty of any lake, forest, stream, et cetera – is the abundance of nature that makes it unique. Bring along a nature book or brochure to help you identify different fish, birds, shells, rock formations and vegetation. Keep track of what you see and what you find, and take the opportunity to read and learn about the unique ecology that you become part of when you visit the beach. There are nature books available on all sorts of locales, and for many age groups. Children often enjoy having their own books and doing their own exploring.

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