Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Should I learn to swim?

What is a rip?

How do I swim out of a rip?

Where are the safest places to swim?

How do I signal for help?

What do I do if I need rescuing?

What if I do panic during rescue?

How do I prevent damaging my board while traveling?

Should I swim after consuming alcohol?

How can I get out the back quicker?

How can I tell whose wave it is?

What do I do if I see someone drowning?

Can I jump straight into the ocean in safety?

What colors should I use to paint an effective seascape?

What's a low-cost craft to do with my kids?

What crafts can I make with my kids?

What is the best kind of drinkwear for a beach trip?

What material should I look for when choosing beach tumblers?

How can I help my family keep track of their drinks?

What is beach basketball?

How do I stop my car from filling up with sand?

What game can we play with little or no equipment?

How can I be sure to get a good surf shot?

What tools do I need to make better sandcastles?

What's the best beach towel to buy?

Should I use fabric softener on my beach towels?

How can I help my kids prepare for a beach trip?

What can I do to relax my neck while spending time on the beach?

Are there any guidelines about or laws against collecting shells?

When is the best time for me to find treasures on the beach?

Can I my lost ring with a metal detector?

Can I use a metal detector on any beach?

How do I protect my eyes from sun damage?

How can I protect my feet on the beach?

Should I wear protective footwear in the water?

How can I stop sand getting my swimming costume?

How should I narrow down when to visit a foreign beach destination?

Are there any local details that I should factor into my decision on a vacation destination?

What kinds of beach is best for me and my family?

How do I know which beach resort will offer a setting and activities that appeal to me?

What are some of the best beaches in the United States?

What are some good beaches in Thailand?

What should I know about Australia's beaches?

What are some exotic beach destinations in the Pacific?

Are there any quiet spots left in the Caribbean?

What are some great beaches in the Northeastern United States?

What do beaches in the southern United States have to offer?

Which beaches in Florida will appeal to travelers?

What is the atmosphere like at Mediterranean beaches?

What can I expect at California beaches?

Which of Hawaii's beaches should I be sure to visit?

What resources can help me choose the beach vacation that is right for me?

What should I do to make sure I choose a reputable vacation package?

Where can I find out more about my destination?

How do I find out if I need vaccinations or medications before going on vacation?

What size cooler should I get?

Should I keep food and drinks in separate coolers?

How should I pack my cooler?

How do I clean my cooler?

What different options are there if I don't want a huge camping cooler?

Why do I need to use an insect repellent?

What are effective mosquito repellents?

Are there insect repellents that I can apply to my clothing and accessories?

Should I use a sunblock-insect repellent combination?

What are some natural insect repellents?

What are some natural bug bite remedies?

What do nature books have to offer?

Are there nature books specific to my hobbies?

How will I know I'm caught in a rip?

I don't understand the different colored flags on the beach?

How can I enjoy the beach safely with my baby?

Will the lifeguards watch out for my kids?

Should my kids be able to swim?

How can I stand out so my kids don't keep losing me?

Is it safe to take my kids to the beach?

How can I keep my baby safe and cool?

Where is it safest for my kids to swim?

How can I ensure a safe place to hold a beach party?

Do I need permission first?

What kind of food should I provide?

How can I hold a sun-safe beach party?

What should I pack for lunch?

How can I keep food safe in summer?

What if my kids get thirsty?

What should I avoid when I am on spring break?

What should I do to plan a spring break vacation?

How can I keep my valuables safe while on spring break?

What should I ask when I am planning a spring break vacation?

Are spring break sweepstakes any good?

How can I use herbal extracts to treat sunburn?

What are some home treatments for sunburn?

What are some natural products I can use to treat sunburn?

What sunburn treatments might I already have at home?

If my skin is burned badly, when should I see the doctor?

How can I promote healing of my sunburned skin?

How can I promote faster healing of my sunburn?

How can I speed the process of recovery after sunburn?

What do I do if I get a bad sunburn?

How will aloe vera help treat sunburn?

Will my sunscreen last all day?

How long will sunscreen my keep?

How much sunscreen should I use?

Do some body parts burn faster or more easily than others?

How do I protect delicate areas from sunburn?

Am I allergic to sunlight?

Should sunscreen be applied before going out?

Do waterproof sunscreens last all day?

How can I keep from getting sunburned?

Why should I wear sunscreen?

What is Melanin?

When should I keep out of the sun?

What's one item I can take to make the most out of protecting my skin?

How can I stay hydrated at the beach?

Who has the right of way - those paddling out or those riding in?

Can I use self-tan products on hairy areas of skin?

Do I need to exfoliate before applying a self-tanning product?

How can I get a tan without damaging my skin?

How do bronzers work for tanning?

How do tanning lotions work?

How do tanning pills work?

What materials should I look for when choosing a beach bag?

Should my beach bag have a zipper?

How can I keep track of smaller items in a big beach bag?

What are some cheap and easy foods to bring to the beach?

How can I create a beach themed centerpiece?

Recent Beach Questions

Q. Is it true there is more harm in using sunscreen then not because of some chemicals in many of them that may cause cancer?
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Q. why does my skin peel after a sun burn?
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Q. i just got badly sunburnt, it has now been around 4 days and it itches like crazy! how can i get the itchyness under control? will my sunburn eventually turn into a tan??
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Q. my sunburn is gone..but how do i get rid of peeling?
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Q. How long does peeling take until your skin goes back to normal?
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Q. How long does sunscreen keep? I`ve had the same bottle for 4 years. Will it still be effective? How often should I replace it?
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Q. What is the strongest sunscreen on the market that you can buy? Such as the SPF and what company makes it?
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Q. I got burnt and the burn went away but now i am peeling, is there any way to stop the peeling? Should i just let it peel by itself?
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Q. How long does it take a sun burn to go away?
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Q. i recently got burned on my face my skin started to peel, but i helped it along a little myself by pulling some dead skin off, now its all pink and it hurts like hell, should i have let it peel normally? and what can i use to make the pain go away.
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Q. I have gotten a mild sunburn. I know it will peel, but I usually take a long time to peel. Once the burn has faded and no longer hurts, can I tan again, more cautiously this time, or will the dead skin block me from tanning any more?
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Q. Recently i got badly burnt and then it started to blister. Can i pop the blisters or should i leave them? They are starting to get itchy and i have put some pawpaw cream on them. What should i do to treat these Blisters and how to prevent them in future times?
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Q. Hi. Was just wondering if someone is badly sunburned...can that cause them to go into a fit?

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Q. hi, how do you treat blisters from getting sun burnt. Is there a way to help them to heal or to make them go away. How do you avoid getting blisters and why do you get them.
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Q. hey i was wondering if i get sunburn and then let my skin peel will the peeling remove some of my pimples and scars from my last sunburn peeling? will it clear my skin?
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Q. my nose has become pink and peeled in some areas and its from burning it too much, is this bad and could it cause cancer
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Q. does your skin get wrinkled when you stay at the beach to long?
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Q. I am PLAGUED TORMENTED CRAZED by an infestation of no see ums in my home. Regular pest control is ineffectual. What can I do/use to kill these viciously attacking fliers? My eyes are permanently reddened and my nostrils are permanently swollen due to their kami-kaze-like attacks that ARE UNCEASING.
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Q. HOW DO you stop your skin from peeling & make it go into a tan after being sunburnt?
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Q. After a bad sunburn I experienced rash on both arms, red blisters, intensely itchy. How long should it take for something like this to heal?
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Q. My skin tends to get tan really easily when i go to the beach but i hate getting tanned. I like my natural skin color. Is there a way I can prevent from getting tan?
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Q. what happens if i peel the sunburnt skin off my face because i couldnt resist it? do u always get scarred? what do the scars look like? please answer
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Q. Hi, I am already tan because I am indian. and i do not really like it when my skin gets tanner and darker. I have already gotten a tan this summer and was wondering how long it takes for a natural tan to disapper back into my normal skin color. thanks
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Q. What spf of sunscreens should I apply on my kids at the beach, I want one that provides protection from burn but, have a tan too, not too look like that haven`t seen the sun on vacation?
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Q. Is there an easy way to get the sand that will inevitably end up there off of my little one`s faces and out of their eyes?
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Q. how do you treat mild sunburn?
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Q. Is there any way to remove the color produced by a self-tanning gel? My daughter ende up with round blotches on her skin, even though she applied it evenly.
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Q. How do I keep the beach umbrella in the sand, it keeps coming out?!
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Q. Does sunscreen/sunblock go out of date?
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Q. I have sunscreen from last summer. Is it still good?
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Q. What is the best time of day to tan outdoors doing the summertime?
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Q. hi, i went tanning at a tanning place, i got burn from head to toe, my question is how can i get a tan from a burn, and also pevent me from peeling?
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