Engage kids in a game of 'tag' for simple beach fun.

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What game can we play with little or no equipment?

Engage kids in a game of 'tag' for simple beach fun.

Have you ever been relaxing on the beach only to have the kids tell you that they were bored? Even if you've brought nothing but your towels, sunblock and water, banishing children's boredom is easy. Tag games are always a popular way to entertain children. Chances are that others will join in once they see how much fun you're having. The beach is a great place to play tag since the sand is soft to land on if the game becomes especially spirited. To make it a real game rather than just a chase, mark out a clear area, marking the boundary - even if this is just a line drawn in the sand. Be sure to remove stick, shells, litter and rocks from the play area for safety, and establish a couple of safe areas so the game is fair. Try the Australian version of tag on the games Kids Play site.



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