Use a metal detector to locate lost jewelry at the beach.

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Can I my lost ring with a metal detector?

Use a metal detector to locate lost jewelry at the beach.

Not all beach treasure hunts start with joyous potential - too often, people lose items of material and sentimental value on the beach and try in earnest to recover them. If you lose a ring or other precious piece of jewelry, a hand-held metal detector could prove to be a valuable asset. A general purpose metal detector will find all metal objects in up to a foot of sand, though the depth to which metal detectors are effective will vary according to specifications of the detector. Metal detectors will identify aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, gold, iron, lead, nickel, silver, and tin. If your lost treasure is not made from metal of some description, a metal detector will unfortunately be of no help in finding it. If you do not own a metal detector yourself, it is possible to hire them from reputable dealers. Alternatively, you could ask one of the people you see on the beach with a metal detector to help you locate the lost jewelry.



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