Be aware of seasonal weather patterns.

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How should I narrow down when to visit a foreign beach destination?

Be aware of seasonal weather patterns.

Choosing the best beach for your vacation is a very personal decision, and should be informed by what you like to do, who is joining you, and when you can go. When deciding the timing of your vacation, it is important to find out about and keep in mind geographic and seasonal weather patters. For example, May through October is the Caribbean hurricane season, and even though hurricanes are rare, there can be a lot of rain and oppressive humidity during these months. July and August in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Pacific are usually characterized by monsoons – a combination of heat, wind and rains that can put a damper on your beach vacation. Also remember that the seasons are opposite of one another in the northern and southern hemispheres, so that winter in New York is summer in Sydney, and vice versa. Also, while you might enjoy being seaside during the off-season, many local businesses shut down during their off months, and it can be challenging to find lodging, restaurants and other conveniences if you choose to visit then.



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