Do your research on local details, such as crime.

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Are there any local details that I should factor into my decision on a vacation destination?

Do your research on local details, such as crime.

Even the best beaches in the world might have a less than savory aspect to them. Many tourist areas can be attractive targets for petty and not-so-petty criminals because there are so many people coming in and out all the time, usually carry cash and other valuable or fungible items. Refer to guide books for information on whether crime is a problem in the area you want to visit, and what kinds of crimes are prevalent. Another good resource is the US State Department; their web site features up-to-date warnings by country. This web site will also alert you to any special medical or political considerations that might factor into your selection of a vacation destination. Once you have the information, you can decide for yourself what risks you are willing to take, and you can make plans that help you to minimize those risks.



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