Decide which kind of beach you want to visit.

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What kinds of beach is best for me and my family?

Decide which kind of beach you want to visit.

Because a beach is simply where the ocean (or other body of water) meets the land, their features and your experience of them will widely vary. Some beaches are rocky and cold, while others have powder soft sand and warm water – or any combination you can think of. Beaches exist in the arctic and in the tropics, on desert isles and in cities. When you are deciding what type is the best beach for you, think about what your ideal beach experience will be. If you like to lie on the sand in hot sun and swim in warm water, you should look to tropical climates. If you like to comb the beach for treasures and watch seals playing offshore, the northern New England coast might be right for you. If you are into adventure travel and want to experience exotic species, then a tropical island or relatively undeveloped place might be a fun destination. If you are interested in a beach that doubles as a social scene, you might want to try some of the more developed beaches, such as those in southern Europe, Florida and other destinations famous for their beach resorts.



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