Australia has some of the world's best beaches, best enjoyed with knowledge and caution.

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What should I know about Australia's beaches?

Australia has some of the world's best beaches, best enjoyed with knowledge and caution.

Australia has too many stunning beaches to list, and you are assured of finding some of the best surfing, SCUBA diving, snorkelling, and beach lounging conditions in the world.

Bell's Beach in Victoria promises excellent surfing, but bring a wetsuit – it's chilly.

Bondi Beach in Sydney is well-known for its fun social scene and attractive bathers.

Beaches on and off the Queensland Coast tend to be tropical, and include Fraser Island and the Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, Noosa Main Beach and the Daintree Rainforest Beaches. All of these feature amazing wildlife and adventure travel opportunities, as well as some fairly luxurious resorts.

In addition to its abundance of natural beauty and kinds of beaches, Australia and its surrounding waters are also home to some dangerous creatures that travelers should be conscious of to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation. Box jellyfish, saltwater crocodiles, sharks, and the small, pretty and deadly blue-ring octopus are native to Australian waters. Pay attention to postings on the beach, and stay within the marked safe swimming areas.

Also, consider wearing a wet suit or other protective swimwear to guard yourself against stings and other more common and less dangerous beach hazards. Finally, the sun in Australia is extremely strong owing to the country's location, and to a hole in the ozone layer over Australia. Be sure to wear a high SPF to protect your skin from burning and to guard against skin cancers, such as melanoma.



1/25/2009 6:24:50 PM
Sheryl Stone said:

Don't forget the West Coast of Oz - beautiful mornings, no high rise, sunsets over the Indian Ocean and that's just Perth! (state capital) Get yourself to Exmouth in the WA Pilbara- you can simply jump in the water with your snorkle and facemask and check out the Ningaloo Reef -fantastic and no hiring scuba gear or paying for a boat ride to a reef. Best times, April to September but in Perth even a windy, winter's beach can give you exhilarating cloudscapes- and there's plenty of good coffee spots afer your beach walk. I've been a local for 56 years so I should know!


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