Florida's beach resorts range from the quiet to the exotic to the luxe.

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Which beaches in Florida will appeal to travelers?

Florida's beach resorts range from the quiet to the exotic to the luxe.

Florida is not called the Sunshine State for nothing … this long, narrow state is surrounded by water on three sides, and you could be on the florida beaches of the Atlantic in the morning and on the Gulf of Mexico in the afternoon of a single day, if you wanted. Not only does it offer miles of some of the best beaches in the world, its sandy stretches range from the understated getaway to ritzy pied-de-terre to party central.

Here are some highlights:

Palm Beach is the ultimate Floridian center of wealth and extravagance. On the Gulf Stream, its waters are warm and blue, and the island is wafted by warm breezes all year long – making it a quintessential beach resort. The atmosphere in Palm Beach is defined by luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, and expensive boutiques.

While Palm Beach lives up to its reputation, Panama City may surprise you: sure, it's a spring break mecca, but it has so much more than that to offer. This Gulf city has warm, gentle water and breezes, and is home to excellent seafood restaurants. Nightlife is hopping, and includes live local bands and many nightclubs; for families, there are many amusement parks and maritime attractions. Nevertheless, you can have a quiet vacation in Panama City: dolphin excursions, sunset cruises and golf and tennis facilities will appeal to travelers seeking a laidback beach vacation.

South Beach in Miami is an adult getaway, known for its nightclubs, exoticism, and appeal to people with alternative lifestyles. Below the art deco architecture of the main strip, the beach is wide and white, and the water is among the cleanest and clearest in the United States.



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