Keep baby cool while having fun.

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How can I enjoy the beach safely with my baby?

Keep baby cool while having fun.

The best way to ensure a great day at the beach is to plan for your family's fun and safety. Babies are particularly sensitive and need to be protected from the heat and the sun. Make sure that you apply sunblock liberally and regularly, bring an umbrella, and keep a hat and t-shirt on children when they are not under the umbrella. To help them keep cool and enjoy the fun the beach has to offer, try digging a shallow hole in the sand close to smaller shore waves. Water will trickle in as the waves roll up the shore, filling the make-shift pool with fresh water every few minutes. Do not leave a baby or young child unattended, especially by or in the water: sit baby between your legs, facing the water, so that she can see the water entering the safe area you've made. Supply waterproof, age-appropriate toys to keep baby entertained.



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