Personalize your beach gear to mark your spot.

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How can I stand out so my kids don't keep losing me?

Personalize your beach gear to mark your spot.

Popular beaches often become crowded with many other families trying to cool off and enjoy the sun. There are usually lots of kids and lots of mothers and fathers - and lots of beach chairs, umbrellas and other paraphernalia in bright (but similar) colors. Pretty soon, everyone starts looking the same - especially to a child. Mark your spot in an unusual and creative way. Post your family name to your beach umbrella or cabana, or make streamers in favorite colors and attach to them back of your beach chair. Perhaps you would like to make a family flag from an old pillowcase that will act as a beacon specific to your family. Use fabric paints in bright colors so your kids can easily locate you among the families enjoying a day at the beach. Having an easily-identifiable meeting spot or 'home base' is an important part of a day at the beach and ocean safety.



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