Throw a winter beach party.

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What kind of food should I provide?

Throw a winter beach party.

A novel picnic is the winter beach party, and the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing those words is probably a blazing fire. If you are planning to have a bonfire at your winter beach party, be sure to check whether it is allowed, and how to get permission. The warmth of the bonfire is fundamental to a fun winter beach party, and other than that, you'll just need some friends and some food. Plan to have foods that you can cook over an open fire, such as meats and potatoes and - for dessert - marshmallows. With the fire already raging, just wrap food you plan to eat in cooking foil or put it on dampened sticks, and roast it in or over the coals. Keep it simple and stick with meals that are easy to eat once cooked through, such as small roast cuts of meat, fish, and chicken. Try marinating them first for extra flavor. And don't forget the potatoes - they're always a favorite, and s'mores (roasted marshmallows sandwiched with chocolate between graham crackers) are a throwback to childhood.



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