Create plenty of shade during a beach party or beach outing.

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How can I hold a sun-safe beach party?

Create plenty of shade during a beach party or beach outing.

The potential for sunburn can often put a damper on a picnic or beach party. To help make your children's beach party safe and enjoyable, provide as much shade as possible. If funds won't cover hiring a large enough tent or shade-cloth, ask other parents to bring extra beach umbrellas. In fact, plan to have more umbrellas than you're likely to need. Mark out an area for games and stake enough umbrellas to provide a shaded area as respite from time spent in the sun. Umbrellas are versatile, and you can tilt them in the direction of the sun to provide maximum shade throughout the day by. Remember that sunburn causes more damage than a few days of pink skin and pain - it is a contributor to wrinkling, discolorations and a variety of skin cancers. Studies have shown that more sun damage occurs during childhood than any other time in our lives, so protect your kids from future problems while still letting them enjoy being outdoors.



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