Brew a pot of tea to soothe your sunburn.

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What sunburn treatments might I already have at home?

Brew a pot of tea to soothe your sunburn.

Ouch! You're sunburned and too tired and grumpy to go to the store for a pain relief treatment. Why not look in your pantry for some natural sunburn remedies and home treatments? Try brewing up a big pot of tea. The tannins in tea can soothe and help relieve some of the discomfort of burned skin. Brew the tea and allow it to cool completely. Slosh it over the affected areas with a soft sponge. It might be a good idea to apply this sunburn treatment in the bathtub or shower recess.



7/30/2006 11:08:05 AM
Rebecca said:

Tea works great! I go one step further. I use equal parts chammomile and calendula. I have been using this for almost 20 years and my 16 yr old has never blistered or peeled. It takes the redness out in 24 to 48 hrs max! Keeping it cool in the fridge helps sooth the burn upon application.


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