Treat your skin gently and moisturize after sun exposure.

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What do I do if I get a bad sunburn?

Treat your skin gently and moisturize after sun exposure.

Even if you have not gotten sunburned, it is important to care for your sun after sun exposure. After a day at the beach, re-hydrate skin with moisturizer, preferably one without alpha-hydroxy acids, which will cause your skin to peel. If you do have a touch of sunburn, soak in a cool tub with an oatmeal-based soak (such as Aveeno Oatmeal Bath) to cool the skin, take some acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce swelling, and apply an aloe-based lotion to moisturize the skin. You can also use products containing (No Suggestions), tea tree oil and green tea to help speed healing & prevent peeling.



8/7/2007 3:45:46 PM
Joanna said:

Acetaminophen does not help to diminish swelling.


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