Keep aloe vera on hand to treat sunburns.

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How will aloe vera help treat sunburn?

Keep aloe vera on hand to treat sunburns.

A useful natural sunburn treatment is aloe vera. The gel, which is found within the aloe vera plant, has been renowned for its healing properties for millennia. Ancient Egyptians used it regularly in healing and beauty treatments. Aloe vera will have an immediate cooling and calming effect on the skin, and it forms protective layer that will seal valuable moisture into the skin, preventing dehydration and promoting faster healing. To use the gel directly from the plant, snap off a stalk from the plant and gently squeeze out the gel. Spread this gel in a thin layer over your sunburned skin. Because sunburn tends to affect a large area of skin, you might prefer to have a prepared aloe vera product to use. An aloe vera gel with Lidocaine will give you instant relief, but it is also possible to get pure aloe vera gel that is already packaged. Other aloe vera preparations might include additional beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil and green tea. Reapply as often as needed to relieve pain, speed healing.



6/28/2006 10:06:01 PM
Keenan Soehner said:

I recently got a sunburn at the beach and when I came home it was so bad I started to get sun spots. I put cold tea on my burns and it helped alot actually, but then I put Aloe Vera Gel on and it started to feel like I was covered in a cool gel. I would highly recommened this gel to those of you whom have sunburns. I was just wondering if anybody has any tips on how else to treat a burn?

5/14/2007 12:24:17 PM
Tiana Mik said:

I find that it helps greatly if you rub chapstick on your body. Thanks for your great tips Keenan, you sound like a pasty kid who needs to get more sun!

6/10/2007 8:50:43 PM
Shelby said:

Aloe Vera is a wonderful treatment for a sunburn, but also laying cool cucumber slices on your face helps as well to cool the skin. I hope this works for you, but Aloe Vera is what I have found most effective.


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