Use specialty sunblocks on delicate and sensitive areas.

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How do I protect delicate areas from sunburn?

Use specialty sunblocks on delicate and sensitive areas.

Delicate areas, such as the lips, ears and feet--and even scars and tattooed areas, may burn faster and require a higher SPF or more frequent reapplication of sunscreen and sunblock than other parts of your body. Scars, especially new ones, should be protected with zinc oxide, which creates a physical barrier between your skin and the sun's harmful rays. Zinc oxide creams used to be opaque, but a clear version is now available, and is great for protecting lips, noses, ears and tattooed skin. Also try lip balms that contain Parsol 1789 or some other type of sun-screening ingredients. These can be used on your lips, of course, but are also effective around the eyes and on your ears, since it will stay on and will not get in your eyes or cause stinging.



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