Pad your board carefully and use a well-marked board bag when traveling.

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How do I prevent damaging my board while traveling?

Pad your board carefully and use a well-marked board bag when traveling.

It is likely that you might want to travel to get exposure to better - or just different - kinds of surfing conditions. Getting you surfboard, or other surf craft, to your destination undamaged can save your surfing plans, and your money. Unfortunately, baggage handlers are not - and cannot be expected to be - as concerned as you are about the inevitable dings their rough handling may inflict on your board. To best protect your board from such damage is to pack your board well yourself - do not rely on the airline, postal service, or other transportation services to pack it adequately. First of all, invest in a board bag, which is designed to protect your surfboard in normal travel conditions. For added protection, wrap your board in soft items, such as towels and bedding. Add extra padding around bump zones, including the rails, tail and nose, and put it in your board bag. Be sure to attach your name and address and how you can be reached on your bag.



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